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tv   Public Utilities Commission 32216  SFGTV  April 1, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> i think we're -- the challenge for us is how much resource can we put towards designations? we have said in the past and i support fully the community supported designations but we're finding those take just as much time and effort as any designation, so this one in particular has no community opposition, so that's interesting where the triangle had a long process with a divided neighborhood. i am in support of it. i would like to encourage further study and figure out how best to navigate it and at least you know in the most efficient way. >> commissioner johns. >> well, you know it would be very helpful if we had some of the other people who live on woodward street if they were here supporting this. if we had some of the owners of the
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buildings who may realize some benefits from protection under article 10. if some of them voiced some support for this. if we had that then we would also have a group of people who might be enthusiastic about providing additional information, documentation and support for moving forward so what i would like to really see if you could get some of your friends and neighbors involved in this, so they could be a real community based effort. >> yes, actually we could open public comment again. yes, so you could come forward. >> we have a neighborhood
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group that has pet pretty much everyone living on the street and we're always in communication and about five of the people were planning on coming but i think it's because in the middle of the day and they work. >> we did receive a number -- >> we received emails from others on the block that were supportive. they're all support. >> it's just the time of the day they couldn't make it. >> okay thank you very much. >> i think what we're up against is that as we juggle our priorities on the landmark designation program what areas does staff focus on? i am in support of adding or currentlying the applicants to continue this but as we get further into prioritizing the landmarks we want to initiate you know have to be cognizant of how much time this takes. >> yeah, i would second that in that i'm supportive of this --
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the idea of this district and i am very pleased that the neighborhood has come forward and i agree it's a special place, and it's worthy. i think the question is whether we -- what i guess i don't want to say it's now first on the list because we have other things we have been putting off and i wonder whether we consider adding it to the list and not ranking it yet until the next hearing about our prioritization of the program, so we know it's on the list and we have to figure out the timing of it of. hawses hawses. >> can the community do that and run it through the building -- [inaudible] >> proposal -- >> [inaudible] >> yeah. >> commissioner hyland. >> actually i think that's the
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question mr. hawses is effort effort does the community based nominations -- maybe staff could come back with an evaluation of that. my feel and understanding it takes as much time, pretty close. >> yeah. as i recall our program does not -- does it have any districts in it at all right now? >> tim frye department staff. at this time it does not. however one of the summer intern projects is begin collecting data on the rousseau district which is the buildings in the sunset by the architect henry rousseau and something we were going to bring in summer for the continuation of the work program. >> so commissioners any thoughts about adding to the program but not -- >> well, i will say we have
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this discussion frequently, and as you know i do not believe that if everything is a priority anything is a priority, so we have in the past identified a ranking of our projects, and i think that given the state of this one i would be very happy with adding it to the list, not adding it to the top of the list but adding to the bottom of the list so these things move up in some order with appropriate exceptions being made, but i think that we have to start somewhere, and so i would very much like to start. >> i would move that we add to the landmark designation program and then bee study -- well, i would add to landmark designation program. >> i second that.
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>> okay. is this an informational item? do we have a motion? >> i thought there was. >> is there a motion for it or -- >> there is no formal motion to adopt. it's a recommendation. >> it's a recommendation to staff -- >> just to provide direction and then we will work with the project sponsor to file a formal application. we will add it to the work program and we can discuss it during the quarterly report which is here in a month or so and talk about the timing of when it would come back for initiation. >> okay. >> we should definitely explore the larger context. >> great. >> and i had one question just about a particular property, the parking lot on the southwest corner. is there a development planned for that? >> we can look into that. i'm not sure. >> would it be unusual -- i mean i guess my concern is if
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there's a threat to the district it's that parcel and whether we might consider including that parcel in the district or not. >> to provide some sort of design guideline. >> right. and that's the entry to the whole street and if that is a really incompatible structure and for the purposes of ceqa the impact of the district and outside of the california register district would that be considered? >> ceqa doeses consideration to adjacent resources so it would be likely studied but i don't know the level of environmental review is required without seeing the project. >> okay. i think we might want to consider -- move forward with the district whether we include that parcel within the district. >> we can show both options. >> so i think you have direction from the commission. i am hearing a unanimous sense here so we did move forward with the next item.
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>> thank you. >> thank you to the members of the public for coming today. >> thank you commissioners. that places us have case four for onondaga avenue. >> i am here to present the landmark designation on onondaga avenue and known as the alemany emergency hospital and health center. following the sponsor designation application it is buildings were adding to the landmark designation work program on may 2015. at the february hearing the commission initiated designation of the buildings and to defining features to include the sky light and the relationship to the space below. the community is very supportive of landmark designation and supervisor avalos intends to sponsor the legislation. department
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supports this as a article 10 landmark. the draft resolution recommending designation to the board of supervisors is included in the packet. if approved department the department will -- approved today the department will forward this to the board of supervisors and the applicants are here to answer questions and i can answer questions. >> this is not about the landmark designation but for the city and it's deemed surplus property and what is the process that the property is sold? is there an rfp process and what's the process? >> commissioners tim frye department staff. it was surplus property but from the department of real estate and request of the community and supervisor avalos the property will be remained as a city property. mr. rothman is in the audience and may have more about a recent hearing he attended
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that discussed obtaining some additional money for the building but it's my understanding that it will do that. >> okay thank you. commissioners any questions before public comment? at this time we will take public comment on the landmark recommendation for 34-45 onondaga avenue. if you have comment please come forward. you have three minutes and there is a warning buzzer at 30 seconds. >> commissioners thank you. i don't think it will take three minutes. my name is david hooper and i spoke to you regarding this issue. there is support for returning the buildings to public service, not just serving the structures but doing that for the community. at the same time earlier there was a request for a supplemental budget request for the geneva
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office building and 30-45. those efforts continue to get the money. they're not secured but i would like to say there is support and what the emergency hospitals mean historically and what they meant to past generations. there is a gap because they haven't been used effectively but with the streetscape there are four islands and they call them pork chops and one of the plans for the department of public works is provide better safety pedestrian access at this intersection at onondaga avenue and alemany to be in the configuration and no more of the quick right turns. this gives an opportunity to have a plaz there at the club in the area and the high schools and
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at mission street and it's a major opportunity. thank you for considering it. >> thank you. mr. rothman please come forward. we're always happy to see you. >> richard rothman -- seems like i have been at every meeting in the last couple of months. i am supporting the landmark designation. now, i was at the engage hearing and they did -- budget hearing and sent without recommendation the funding for the geneva car barn but they left unsettled about onondaga. supervisor avalos wanted to leave it on by the call of the chair but i'm not sure what happened because -- i will have to find out, but money wasn't appropriated to move forward for the building, but i
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got an email, was copied on an email from the art commission and they're putting money in their capital budget to help restore the building, so if the building does stay as a city owned building then the art commission would be responsible for the murals but if it goes to a non-profit then it would be up to the non-profit, but i know i don't want to speak for the art commission, but i know they are very big supporters of the murals in this city, and so thank you for considering this and moving this along, and we need to get this building open so people can appreciate these beautiful murals and restore the mural on the first floor. thank
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you again. >> thank you and thank you for all your work on this project. does any other member of the public wish to speak to this item? if so please come forward. seeing none. public comment is now closed and bring it back to the commission. >> i move to approve. >> i second that. >> we have a motion and a second. >> there's a motion and seconded to approve this matter. on that motion commissioner hasz. >> yes. >> commissioner johns. >> yes. >> commissioner matsuda. >> yes. >> commissioner pearlman. >> yes. >> commissioner hyland. >> yes. >> commissioner wolfram. >> yes. >> so moved that passes unanimously 6-0 and places you on case nine for 2011.1356e, line three central soma context statement and historic resources survey. >> before we take that item there is a report on the one
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building and i am wondering because commissioner hyland has a relationship with them but it's one component. >> that was submitted as public comment. >> so it's not related to the actual item? >> it does change the survey findings that hra -- >> tim frye department staff. i would defer to the city attorney if a recusal is necessary. perhaps -- i will jump into it. there's a survey finding that the property owner disagreed with. they hired arg to prepare a historic resource evaluation and included in the commissioner's packets for consideration for changing one of the status codes in in the survey. >> i am the city attorney so just so understand the situation
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their work is completed? >> it is completed and submitted as part of the packet as public comment to the findings in the survey. >> public comment and there's no pending work right now as far as -- >> there was a project. >> there is a project proposed at the site but i don't believe arg is involved in the project. >> okay. so i would suggest it sounds like it's not necessary for the commissioner to recuse. >> maybe i can disclose this is my former company which i had -- currently have financial ties to but very limited. >> that sounds good. i think we can move forward now. thank you for that clarification. >> good afternoon commissioners. susan parks department staff. the item is a consideration to adopt the central soma context statement and historic resources survey. today's items are the first in a series of steps towards
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completion of the central soma plan. as part of the plan the department developed the central soma context statement and provide framework for consistent evaluations of propertys in the area. this statement was written by department staff and reviewed by the survive group and professionals and historians and members of the south of market filipino community. the central soma historic context statement -- the department relied on so macontext and redevelopment efforts in the area and the creation of the moscone center. historic resources survey was conducted in order to provide information on the distribution of resources within the planned area for the purposes of long range planning and for use and permitting and
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review on registers. much of the south of market were addressed in previous survey efforts so the central soma survey focused on properties within the boundaries of the central soma plan that were not previously surveyed or information was incomplete. i'm going to -- jonahs if you could turn on the overhead. i will let you take a look at the plan. the map of the survey area. department staff conducted reconnance information from 2013-14 and included 134 parse parsels bounded by market and townsend from second to 6th streets in the area. 63 properties were identified as age eligible and were surveyed along with 11 previously identified historic resources.
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those were documented and evaluated by staff. you can see those in the data base and the individual survey sheets. 31 properties were determined eligible for listing on the california register including 22 buildings within an identified mission historic district and two buildings comprise of st. patricks church and recollect tory and district. five interconnected buildings that would create a flower market district and three properties received upgraded california register status codes. six properties were evaluated and potential contributors to previously historic districts including in the 6th street lodging h district, the south end district, and townsend district and two additions to the kearney market sutter district. the remaining 26 properties were determined ineligible for listing on the
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register nor assigned a status code. the recommendations for article 10 and 11 designations were included in your packets. that information has always been posted as part of the area plan. however for today they're only to be considered as future recommendations. the issue before the commission today is adoption of the context statement and the survey findings. later in the area as the area plan moves forward for adoption staff will bring the eir and article changes back to you for discussion. i did have one last note which we discussed about the one submitted for 633 folsom. staff had previously determined that building was a 3cs with arg's report we have changed the findings to a 6c making it not a resource. this
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concludes my presentation. i am happy to answer any questions. >> thank you. commissioner pearlman. >> yeah, i have one question about the flower market building. >> yes. >> there was so much information so it's hard to process it all. >> yes. >> were those -- what was the specifics about -- was it culturally related? >> i think it was cultural relations and designed by a master architect and had to do with that and the intercultural relationships. >> okay thank yous. >> any other questions commissioners? thank you. at this time we will take public comment on this item. i have one speaker card for alice light. >> hi commissioners. thank you. i am alice light director of community planning at toddco
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and here to speak in favor of the survey in front of you today. we have been in soma for a very long time and in addition to a very thorough survey of the buildings and the neighborhood this report also includes great information about the filipino and lgbt communities. those communities have played an important role in soma over the years and that history is being lost. in 2011 the western soma community planning task force proposed social heritage districts for those groups, and until now those districts have mainly lived on paper. there really aren't tools to recognize the social and cultural importance of those groups, but in the recommendation section of the document in front of you
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today there are some proposals and tools, methodology to document social and culture assets. those are borrowed from the jay chest, the japan cultural historic heritage and social economic -- [inaudible] and also from the national park service, so those are tools that have been used before, so we are very excited to see a social heritage inventory which is what is proposed in the plan or in this document. we're excited to see that developed and it would take staff from the planning department to have the budget to work on that, and we hope that happens in 2016 to 2017 because there is so much development coming with this plan so it
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would be great to get that inventory done before the tidal wave comes and i wanted to thank the staff for working with us and with other individuals and groups in the community to make sure that this report represented the soma that we know and love. thank you. >> thank you. any other member of the public wish to comment on this item? >> my name is steve jamison. thank you for letting me speak. i am here to say that as a citizen i support the efforts to develop central soma neighborhood with one exception and that's the parcel of land at fifth and brandon. san francisco tennis club. this may seem strange to come to you, historic preservation commission to think about preserving a
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building that's been called "ugly" but it was called "ugly" by the previous developer who wanted to knock it down. san francisco tennis club is not a historic building but has played and continues to play a historic role in the central soma neighborhood and the city. as the largest indoor and outdoor tennis facility on the west coast it's irreparable. for 45 years it's provided families, diverse families and single people, young and old, a health and safe place to gather for recreation and socializing. it's enormous. 2.5 acres, four stories and parking for many cars and as much as golden gate park and should be in place to serve the new residents as well
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as the thousands it currently serves. the mas tude of the -- magnitude of the if the and services must be seen to be understood and on behalf of the 2,000 members i would like to invite you individually or a group to see what is going on there. it is phenomenal and the last place to be knocked down as part of a development, the needed development in the central soma neighborhood. to destroy it in my view would be a travesty, aup side down view of priorities. this facility can contribute to the greatness that the central soma neighborhood will be as the development continues. thank you. >> thank you. any other member of the public wish to speak on this item? >> hello. my name is jackie,
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and i am also a member of the tennis club. i think it's unusual to be asking for this but it's a place that people came to for so many years. my father joined the club about 30 years ago and why did he go there? why did he go to the san francisco tennis club? he went there because it was the only place you could go without five letters of recommendation. he was an immigrant and wanted to play tennis. (lost audio).
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>> those courts often. when they're too busy where do we go? the san francisco tennis club has space for tournaments and high school activities so by taking away 24 courts there's going to be scarcity for courts. it's a diverse place, provides recreation. south of market is going to get very dense and i don't think we're considering five, ten years from now why did we do this and let this great place torn down for another high rise. i understand development and it's wonderful and my family are architects but what are we doing and not providing to the community. we need amenities for the city and one of the few places to play tennis. golden gate park it's lovely. hard to get in. the courts are packed
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all the time. it's one of the sports that people play for the rest of their lives and we're not thinking about that and please consider this. it's an important place. thank you. >> thank you. >> hi. my name is don bruce and i'm going to make a very short comment. i support everything mr. jamison had to say and i'm a member of the tennis club and i want to use this as an opportunity to add my voice to maintaining it is diversity of activities and the culture that the city provides and not to lose track of this momentum of large scale development and losing track of the ability to have a place to gather and enjoy life in the city. that's all. >> thank you. does any other member of the public wish to speak to this item? seeing none. public comment is now closed and bring it back to the commission. commissioners.
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commissioner pearlman. >> the san francisco tennis club is it private or a city facility? is it private? >> [inaudible] (off mic). >> it's private. okay. and it's 45 years old. i think it was built in the 70's. i am curious how that impacts what we're looking at today. >> tim frye department staff. i'm not sure if the department is age eligible. if it's not we didn't look at it. we didn't survey it. >> yeah. >> so if it's under 45 years of age we just skipped it. >> okay. >> other comments commissioners? commissioner johns. >> well, my comment is i thought this was just an awesome thing, all 540 pages of it. [laughter] and i wish that i had gotten it a month ago. [laughter] >> yes. >> but i did read it and i
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read it several more times, but i just think that the amount of effort and high quality effort that went into this is just staggering so i'm obviously in favor of approving it. >> yeah, i would like to say i was extremely impressed of the work that the planning department did for the survey and the context statement. it was clear, well written, great illustrations, just all around a fantastic effort. really impressed. >> and clearly the amount of development that is happening already and will continue to happen having this is so critical to retaining some level of character in our city so thank you as well. >> any other comments from the commissioners? anybody have a motion -- >> motion to adopt the historic context statement and the
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historic resources survey. >> i second that. >> if nothing further there is a motion and a second to adopt a motion to approve the historic statement on that.s hawses hawses. >> yes. >> commissioner johns. >> yes. >> commissioner matsuda. >> yes. >> pale pale. >> yes. >> commissioner hyland. >> yes. >> commissioner wolfram. >> yes. >> so moved and item 10 is continued and we have no other items on the agenda. >> that conclude s the hearing. the hearing is closed. [gavel]
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>> good afternoon. i'd like to call the meeting of san francisco public utilities commission to order please. hit it harder please. mr. secretary. >> commissioner president vietor commissioner vice president moran and commissioner caen are excused commissioner courtney commissioner kwon we have quorum. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> item 3 approval of the minutes of mark 8, 2016. >> is there a motion to approve the minutes. >> so moved
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second >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> public comment on the minutes next item, please. >> next is general public comment. >> general public comment mr. da costa. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, commissioners the last night last time i was here i spoke about some very pressing issues and i'm going to speak on that particular issue that was raised than the general manager will be as part the of a letter sent to him regarding the issue i'm here to categorically state to the san francisco public utilities commission this
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commission must do due diligence when it comes to quality quality of life issues so if we speak on some issue and there was a directive way back by congress in 1974 and the san francisco public utilities commission decided that you know they would order water department decides to do they will executed in 1980 that gap between 1974 and 1980 knowing the city and county of san francisco did do not due due diligence expands many, many years we know in public housing and i'm talking about public housing that bridge developers and mercy housing and the joe
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stewart company you know that they're all wanted this property they are get exhibits giving it to them and e san francisco public utilities commission says offering we don't have money but participating that the yuma i was listening to the budget and finance committee not too long ago your representatives oh, you know, we had a drought and san franciscans didn't waste too much water so we don't get the income and so forth san franciscans are very astute so when you tell them district attorney wastewater they don't water water but san franciscans also want an infrastructure to be in place and that's important and some of you commissioners
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are transient enough to understand if you're infrastructure is not in mass whether the water system improvement project or the sewer system project in light pipeline than san franciscans will speak up not like before with the francisco da costa is coming thank you very much. >> i have another speaker cards for kari sorenson. >> you want 10 this is a. >> item 10 say that again. >> you want to speak on item 10. >> yes. >> i can change the card. >> we're still on general public comment any other comments on items not on the
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agenda? >> yes. commissioners mayor's office of housing and community development my name is david i'm here on behalf of the solutions not the sandbags the "x" keep your eyes on the ball and out flows that occurred during major sewer storms the point i'd like to make whether or not we deal with this directly and the puc embraced the opportunity or not is a qstion how will it be solved presently indians the epa and state water board are looking at 0 into this commission and there are people other than myself regarding the damage the 5 different neighborhoods effected by the excursion i'd like to suggest that we can
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i have the overhead please? >> i'd like to suggest that we're rolling the today is that the today is that are being used are shaved today is on the part of staff and they come up 7 or 11 whenever they describe the workshops it is just goes to cost too much to the ratepayer just to say it i don't know how often you see these this is what a bill looks like i'm suggesting the bills are going to be greater that the bond measures will be more expensive in those issues are not addressed with that in mind i'd like to ask when the next workshop will be presented to the san francisco puc that's one and as a closing thought this sense of exceptionalism on the part of
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san francisco they can decide the rules under which they operate regardless of what the state or federal government says or a judge that is the issue coming up before you people are going to have to vote on bond measures of future as revenue products but at the same time i'd like to on the puc and the commission will be mindful of the lack of public confidence in this the issues how those relishes addressed thank you. >> thank you very much. >> any other general public comment? >> hearing none, next item, please. >> item 5 communications and i'd like to make note on item 5 for the summary you have an updated letter summary that is letters received over one from eric brooks and patty and
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carolyn and those have been provided to the public as well. >> so i have a question i don't know if it is just on my copy my directors desk he didn't see the cal vs. the communication with a duplicate of the line item ascertainment item that is a mistake in mine and i am still eager to read what the cal vs. screen summary statement says so commissioners any comments on communications? >> any public comment on communications item number 5?
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>> yes. >> please. mr. da costa. >> okay. yeah. i'm to give you my card for the record. >> that's okay. >> okay. >> so i want to talk about the water pipeline assessment and i printed the letter excuse me - >> so i printed a letter and i alluded it to this letter during general public comment so i'm asking the commissioners that, please read this letter
7:43 am
and this is about our drinking pipes and other pipes and there is a lot of hogwash in this letter we have some unions who do not want to use pipes that are more resistant or that can endure earthquakes so we need to have an understanding and make a decision do we want this pipes to break so we get people to work more? and build with fragile pipes and when pipes break that is
7:44 am
contemplation in our public housing that are led pipes not look at an item of an act passed in 197 had the city decided to enact in 1980 the sfpuc had some general idea because the sfpuc as it stands today was really formed in 1996 i was alive and kicking and so was willie brown so today, i'm asking the commissioners and i guess they're giving me, too minutes i need a half an hour actually please evaluate the pipes the drinking pipes that come to the homes in our general our public housing right now because they have been adversely impacts impacted for years and
7:45 am
no one is speaking to it i wrote about it i tried to address it but we don't have the money and whatever but we do have the mon money. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> any other public comments on item number 5 communications? hearing none, next item, please. >> other commission business. >> commissioners? business? >> hearing none, next item, please. >> item 7 report of general manager. >> good afternoon, commissioners my first update on the drought steve richie. >> can i have the slides steve
7:46 am
richie general manager so far water under the start with the statewide information a slide i've shown at different times the state of the states reservoirs in january of 2015 and the not the blue bars are well, do you think in a lot of the reservoirs moving forward that is the state of the same reservoirs of march 21st the blue bars are way up northern part of the state lake over and over very well and others a lot of water in them as fulsome and some of the southern part are still down an important note which has come up to almost historical average level and as you can see that was way, way down it is really good to see that come up and the good thing for us out of that as storage
7:47 am
the keynote the water bank storage we're at three hundred and 16 arc feet and rising we're getting good water into the storage so our chance of the system is increasing as we moving forward the storms weekend before this last helped us out and other reservoirs the state on the cumulative perspiration as you can see we've jumped up over would above the normal, in fact, we're at for hetch hetchy 100 percent right now for the year we're doing quite well, there and show page not up to medium conditions but still better than in years overall the water outcome is looking pretty positive for us this is the up country 6 station index that is a little bit below the annual total for year to date but again most of months 1,
7:48 am
2, 3, 44 out of the last 6 months have been above average precipitation and the bay area a big month in march our reservoirs here video a lot of water as well so we'll actually don't have to deal with with operationally now too much water on the hands water available to the city 200 and 41 feet available to the city the districts so probably 50/50 chance of making the 8 hundred plus feet available to the city again, the whole whether we have front to date has looked positive for our system the last slide will our deliveries the red is the last 56 year average the apply is 2015 last year, the black dashed line what we wanted to achieve with the state water
7:49 am
board and the green this year so people have not yielded decided the drought is over their conserving water it is a good thing people are saving water and our demands are below last year from a commercialism prospective we're doing well in the best of both words worlds so i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> if you have a question that randy got last weekend we have 5 year storm is it close. >> well, you know it is interesting it was a big weekend in terms of the return period on that you know it varied by where you were seller it was a good-sized storm a 5 year storm i can't tell you i don't know for sure. >> maybe that is better answered when we talk about the wastewater their manufactured in
7:50 am
rainfall. >> okay. >> so we're in pretty good shape. >> overall we're in public comment is closed. shape. >> is there a moment when the drought gets declared through the contract or some point when we get a certain amount of rain. >> two comments southern california has not had the precipitation they're low in some of the reservoirs you saw and catch up as much as northern part of state the state what are you going to do about that? will tape take this up in - the governor makes the decision and we'll be following his lead he may at some point say look we've gotten better but not good yet and from our prospective any
7:51 am
year that comes is a good year but the next year could be a bad one we have to presume we're in a drought world this is our nature but we may fill this year and the state is the statewide a drought condition an odd circumstance but we have a good hydraulic i didn't. >> the weather is good it wrand last weekend the announce. >> it dropped off right away but the reservoirs got all the waters. >> that's an issue of concern; right? >> oh, yeah fortunately, we've have room to school bus. >> next speaker, please. >> next a cleanpowersf update. >> excuse me - call for
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public comment. >> i was going to do that but i could do that if you like. >> madam secretary. >> public comment on the drought? >> mr. da costa. >> yes. i think that is important that when you get subjects like this the drought and the implicit after each item you allow the public to speak so everything is fresh mr. richie can you have a presentation about the state of affairs with the water but really in the year 2016 we also need to get some assessment on our water shed our water shed plays an important role now it is very easy for us here in san francisco so just talk about the water and we must
7:53 am
remember for thousands of years whatever was there and is there the hetch hetchy area was preserved and protected by the tribes and we always have to remember as long as you believe the united nations because ones called we need to respect the native-american i know some of you are new but those who are not paying attention you better learn to respect the first people of the area now a i don't see that i represent the first people of san francisco and adjoining areas the tribes if you don't want to believe that i'll provide any testimonials i'm sensitive so-called experts talk about the drought in a sfoishl
7:54 am
manner in my subjective opinion we need the heavy rains year after year maybe for the next 4 years and then it ain't going to happen because of climatic change so el nino is comes ones in every i don't know 40 years or 35 years whatever so we have to make the best of it and we're lucky that everybody is saying our lakes are full our reservoirs are full our rivers are doing good the sale man or making process and so forth this is good so commissioners drought is something that we have to look in its totality not only the snowcaps and the how dense the
7:55 am
water is when they take those measurements but also our water shed and just going to brought to your attention the central valley we've had land sink four or five feet because people stepped into the water shed so even though that is not our area it is because it is connected so one of you commissioners to form a small committee so that then the other committees and the many experts you're paying over 200 and $50,000 will benefit they can give us a report on our water shed thank you very much and go to the board of supervisors. >> thank you. any other comments on the contract next item please. >> clean power update barbara
7:56 am
hale. >> thank you, commissioners balancing assistant general manager i have 3 items to brief you on over my name is in enrollment status the pca workshop and the net energy metering proposals so first off on the milestones and enrollment we're on track for serving customers may 1st our opt out are low and stable we have projected 20 percent of the customers that web enrolled about opt out we're really at this point only seeing 0.3 percent that have opted out out in terms of preparing for the august enrollment customers have raised their hands and saying let me in one and 34 residents enrolled one plus are supergreen
7:57 am
and we're seeing this for the august one any folks that want to participate in the probation officer program this year needs to let us know go on you'll have to do that before august one on the pcia. >> before you golden go on i seeing a low opt out increing we're anticipating thirty megawatts of power with the loss r allow opt out. >> 35 points 9 right now. >> yeah. and so serving more than we expected but prepared for that and we're all set to go may 1st on the california public utilities commissions workshop you'll recall in december the commission took a position on the pcia the charge that
7:58 am
customers who participate in a program like our cleanpowersf pay those charges went bypassing up dramatically pursuant to the puc decision in those decision they weren't going to lower the impact but a workshop that allows the folks and opportunity to sort of vet the methodologies and talk about what needed to change that yap was held we participated in coordination is mc e and the lancaster choice and sonoma were the people they made a presentation that we worked with them on and a number of stakeholders in san francisco also provided emphasis and public comment which i thought was helpful
7:59 am
in terms of outcome we're not particularly quite frankly optimistic we'll see any modifications to the methodology the future the preceding commissioners that flores is having a workshop report issued and establishing a working group to continue to work about the pcia methodology and impacts we will continue to collaborative with the other working groups and inform at the california public utilities commission to help to contain the pcia costs and the other charges that the california puc is passing into our commissioners not much open middle-income we're sticking with the process and with that, i'll move forward to the net metering proposal we handed out
8:00 am
a packets pathways available over here but i have a slide we can bring that up please. great. >> so what i'd like to talk about the agenda items you see here what the net metering energy and how to work with the cleanpowersf from the staff presentation as the proposed objectives i've got a survey with other meters programs you can understand how ours might and the next steps are at this point, we're i'm faxing making an informational presentation not a vote ensue april 26th our plan to bring a terrace and the proposal forward at this time and the customers in cleanpowersf on may one will take advantage of the netted metering if they have solar on their roofs or putting it often
8:01 am
this year. >> so first of all, the optimistic same optimistic for cleanpowersf you have seen numerous time but with the net metering is one of the methods for investing the local networks and jobs it is consistently presented and in that way one of our cleanpowersf will encourage the existing and new sf accelerator customers to join clean power that is net energy metering it is a program that allows the customers that install onsite renewals that is solar to receive they're on their electric billion bill credits they generate more electricity
8:02 am
then they consume lots of folks refer to letting the meter run backwards and in san francisco we have a fair number of folks that are prartd or eligible to participate the net metering program how many do you know that's what the slide shows that's fine you can see of 2014 there were over 64 net metering customers in san francisco we took that pg&e data and stechltd going forward there are 11 percent of the existing net energy metering customers generate more electric on an annual basis there are hours out there that are sort of spilling on the grid and showing benefits to the rest of san francisco we want to see if there is a way to hness that for the
8:03 am
cleanpowersf program; right? >> getting to a little bit more specific about that o what that means the top slide is a customers generation and accumulation the generation on that slide is shown as the black line excuse me - is shown as the red line >> the black line shows the consumption in certain parts of years the consumption exceeds the red hit. >> area and in some portions the year excuse me - some portions of the day not the year but the day the generation is less than sorry yes. the generation is less than consumption so the customer the blue areas is using imprisoned power the yellow area
8:04 am
they're using the solar power and the red is spill off their roof to others during that day and seconds on the bottom slides the bottom chart we take the spij and apply it on a bill basis what were the blue areas and now become red this is what the arrows show on the bottom part and what we want to do with the program design for metering reach a objective and that's what i'm showing here we want to encourage the folks exting cleanpowersf to install solar and make sure that folks that are net metering energy customers on pg&e system join cleanpowersf and provide them with a track of concentration
8:05 am
because we see that is a benefit to cleanpowersf we want to make sure we capture that by the people and they get compensated but we want to be fair for the exercises not engaged the cleanpowersf we want to prices the killing wart right and keep it simple if you participate in a net meters program it is be complicated difficult to understand and developing over program we'll try to keep our part as simple as possible but frankly that is complicated and we're working with the pg&e billing process so there is specific requests we'll need to answer i'm not asking you to answer them today, i'm asking you to - i'm briefing you on this today to have been time before we answer those on
8:06 am
april 26th those questions are here so i members of the jury the earlier slide that over the course of a day those kilowatts hours that are jasz in the consumption at the hours or business or one of the question is how frequently do we chew that up or frequently we look at this an individual customer receives when we do that what values the generation credits what's the prices we put on those kilowatt hours the state of california in state law has said you'll see how that floor is the next slide by other programs and then also when should customer credits be cashed out and what value should they be cashed out so this slide shows you what
8:07 am
some of the other programs look like and how they've answered those questions so on the question of true you'll see pg&e trusts up a bill and buys them and lancaster choose with emergency and sonoma and the plaintiff cia they bill them monthly and do on annual true up the credit the value of the enabling is implied to the customers bill if a month they have more generations so pg&e it is the retailed rate for lancaster of choose that is the floor set by the state and for metz and sonoma clean power they
8:08 am
give a bonus of a penny not consumed by the customer and with respect to annual cash out or the cashing outlets is over the course of a year you communed electricity and generated electricity but you need - we need to assess who qualifies for a cash payment or a value as it gets to realize the value figure out what prices we'll value the excess generations as you can see here that all the three or four excuse me - represented here do perform that on a cash out on a annual basis
8:09 am
pg&e carries forward only those kilowatt hours that on an annual basis are more than a customer consumes so that we talked about earlier how a day would look with xrumgs from the grid and the solar system over the course of a year you may find you consume more electricity than our system actually generation is pentagon says if you do actually consume more electrical your net customer there's no pay out for you >> and lancaster clean power
8:10 am
does the same thing over the course over the year of generating more your consuming lancaster makes a payment and marin and sonoma actually accommodate the credits that you see month to month and they'll make a pay out whether you're a net generate or 0 net customer and for the evaluation you see the differently values placed on the kilowatt hours please excuse me - >> with pg&es value assigned the lowest rate shown here at $0.03 lancaster at the their vtsd cost of $0.06 and marin and sin mom plus a penny same as they provide the most of credits
8:11 am
so let's look at how it happens for typical residents what you see first is the necessities energy consumption of a customer in blue and this is before they have a solar system now let's assume they install solar on their roof and as you can see that net energy consumption is from a positive to a negative and it is a bigger negative than that was a positive which means they're generating during may know june, july, august, september all in the red and april their producing for electricity than their consuming their spilling on the grids kilowatt hours
8:12 am
october through february they have positive net energy incumbrance during those months they're using grid power on the whole less than they would have without a similar system but on the net they're using power public school the green dot line shows what the bill credits with under this somewhere as you can see may know through september and april your - not april but may through september because of the net energy consumption they're showing bill credits and during the summer excuse me - during the winters seconds they're eating up the bill credit not accommodating but by april they're coming to about even at zero this shows on an annual basis
8:13 am
how the net energy meters system how the system about generate an offset consumption and the bill credits to be applied monthly. >> we're proposing that all which happen customers will be provided generation only the generation portion of the service that i'm sorry we need to recognize that which happen provides only the generation portion of the service that is the only portion of the bills in terms of the bill credits we'll be influencing that we want to insure that any customer that participate in our net metering program will also be a net energy customer of pg&e's that way they'll also get credits for distribution and transmission
8:14 am
and we will design a program to make sure it works with the pg&e net metering offers for commercial and residential we propose that any eligible renewal resource needs to be less than a megawatts that should not be two tough in san francisco and a project needs to be principally for their own load a requirement of pg&e's program in terms of of the next steps we'll be taking a proposal to the rate fairness board this is a rate we'll be a tariff item we're preparing an action item for your consideration once we represent the rate fairness board for a vote on april 26th and include the programs the net energy meter adopted the
8:15 am
outreach and begin to implement may 1st with that, i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. >> thank you and i'm pleased to see this it is great new development addition to the program thank you for all your hard work commissioners do you have any other - >> great job. >> appreciate it. >> is there public comment on this item mr. brooks are you making your way to the podium. >> good afternoon eric brooks san francisco our city of san francisco clean power it is good to see that and good to see we'll pay people more than pg&e that is the crucial point as soon as we get those we'll sell the public and the one concern i'll raise we've been tied by
8:16 am
the bond change chain of one megawatt or less for decades we need to get around that i believe that marin and sonoma are offering net meters and/or fed and tariffs for large projects we need more larger projects they provide better job benefits by building more it is crucial we don't just want net meters for one mel emerging what the thanks. >> where did barbara go is there potential once we've brought on beggar customers to be able to - >> we're planning on having a feeding tariff program we are going through the preparation of that now and we should have it operational middle of this year and that should serve the needs
8:17 am
of large man a megawatt for a tariff that's what we're looking at for for that. >> okay for the net metering? >> net meters is limited to one megawatt and why is that? >> the state of california pass a law that made that imposed that state is a low equity in california. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you, commissioners from sf i wanted to thank the staff for moving forward i think that .3 opt out rates may not be you know we may not be able to extrapolate that citywide but better than we thought and hopefully that will help reduce conservatism about
8:18 am
moving forward on future faces as we've looked about not only signing people up for supergreen but seeing none, high blood pressure people up early one of the challenges given how the consumer things work if our society saying sign up and in 8 months you'll get cleaner energy but the switch gets - the faster to the full city the better for supergreen signs up and opts out 350 our con grandmother we remember at the pcia is a disaster and anything that you folks can do to help the public be represented in the public utilities commission is greatly appreciated as far as the net metering program it is looking great i think that is you know foggy
8:19 am
here i think the department of the environment says that not a ton of energy can be generated from the rooftop 11 percent on average an example of folks that are generating more than they're using certainly, if we are allowed to - a building or businesses were able to put more panels on the roof to offset their load, i.e., their trying to be a power janitor and i imagine that may not be a financial hit but if you want to generate clean local energy it is important to remember, if we let folks clean power customers we buy it to the net energy we're selling to the customers that are paying a premium kind of how the math pencils out it is important but
8:20 am
it is possible we could just make more money i even that's it but we're really excited to see this thank you. >> thank you. >> jason fried executive director for lafco i think your staff does give themselves enough credit for the workshop we had several staffs raising points how the pcia needs to represent what is the best interest of the bundled but the unbundled consumers looking both sides not just one i give them credit for the input and the work with the pcia agencies worked together to come up with a good presentation to show how to modify 3 as far as the net metering i think your staff did an excellent job the programs i
8:21 am
want to encourage to make sure we have something as quickly as possible for may first to launch is big when i'm talking to the folks he occasionallyly run into a solar rooftop person it is important one of the things it is noted only 11 percent right now are estimated to be energy generators one or more of the reasons that occurs pg&e offers and lousy return of money if you over produce a lot of the dollars sailing don't over produce that is as far you don't want to be an over producer it costs money to put the panels on the roof so we're offering something better i know we needed to pay attention not to pay too much it drives up the cost of solar but you can find
8:22 am
the swop to produce above the 11 percent a better rate of return and hey you can put the extra of panels on the roof and offer produce and that's fine because it won't cost you money but the current system is santa fe incentivizing because the brown power not making what renewal energy should be finding and i encourage your staff to find the swop for more roofs over producing and energy is 70 percent if all the roofs have solar not all can have solar but we have an opportunity for the energy generation i encourage us to do the best possible our staff is heading in that
8:23 am
direction. >> any public comment? >> i think that is important to note something that is being consistently messaged on that is how competent and effective our staff and barbara and the rest of the staff deserve that 3 is a long road you know but i represent the workers it's not always been like that but appropriate. >> thank you for your comments and a reminder august 1st is the enrollment date to enroll in suprasupergreen we encourage you all to sign up i've signed up and i'm sure my fellow commissioners have too so thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> madam secretary. >> item 8 the consent calendar are considered to be routine may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the
8:24 am
commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. 8 a for agreement a there e and authorize extending the contract by one year and six months b expect the total amount of nine hundred thousand plus with the total contract duration of consequence active payment date and c accept the contract amount of $5 million plus with the total duration of seven hundred plus consequence active days to decrease the amount by $200,000 plus and authorize the final
8:25 am
payment to the contract and d approve the terms and conditions to lease the provide for a 9 months lease term estimation to substantial education. >> i'd like to remove item 8 d, please. >> unless any objection. >> so you have the consent calendar before you 8 a, b, and c is there a motion to approve the consent calendar. >> so moved. >> second. >> any public comment on the consent calendar? >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? those items pass and if we could discuss 8 d, please because i understand that our long time friend and ally might
8:26 am
be transitioning i'd like to hear about that and the implications it is so successful and centered and hopefully, will continue to be moving forward. >> i'd like to be happy to do that tim with the water enterprise a that's a good question i think the short version we're in pretty good shape stage i'm reminded is into they're ten year as a tenant i'm the 11 year when i worked on the lease they've been a dog a spectacular job around the programming and we've been big supporters and from a money prospective when we started to talk about with sage about the future she came to us and said they wants
8:27 am
to go a different direction and move away from the site activities and i conserved to think about that hard for a couple of weeks before they condominium at the do 9 and said we're ready to make the change with that mid market we want to be her to be part of transition and about the plans for the water shed center we wanted them to be part of transition so before you today with the amendment to the lease it keeps them going through the calendar year but for the benefit of families on the ground within their plans in terms of the agriculture component and the programming remember our long time program is in construction we had to hard work with the project sponsor and our staff and sonoma to work with the contractor to facilitate the programming
8:28 am
during construction a complicated site we don't want people to be the way i have construction so part of monies to deliver their program this year and part of money for the transitioning so they can be part of team we sit down with our staff, with the community benefits program and with hopefully, the al manned conservation district and talk about the future the alameda county there is already involved in the work the water shed work with stage and work with us in the water shed and interested in taking over the park this is great so the very near future you'll see an amendment to the contract and a new agreement to be the longest sited manager at the park and in the next 6 months work extraordinarily and with stage to look at the program and to really learn from
8:29 am
the experience to help with the master plan with the water shed centers and then take all the best ideas within the organization with the other programs the city and develop a revised program that will be the one we'll implement at the water shed center this is a good 6 months from the staff prospective but before you is the first step to allow stage to be part of the contribution i know to have a 10 anniversary in the spring we're helping them with the specifics here in july and i'm sure we'll have the august festival and make sure both of those things can happen during the construction felt long time project a lot going on but this is they're the first step to be more are going to come back to the commission for the consideration and i'll be happy to answer any questions
8:30 am
you may have. >> it seems like an interesting opportunity i mean first of all, i hope that will allow an opportunity to acknowledge her and her work as part of transition i want to make sure we do that she's been a champion but it somalia's an opportunity to really think about i mean, i know at some point we have a college hill groundbreaking our urban agree policy work we'll hear about and reviewing it is just strikes me that that might be an opportunity to think about this the context of that and also hear an update of the water shed center and the vision and what the puc staff or active involvements will be with the locate operator we'll take on if it is an interpretative center that represents the pucs
8:31 am
reflective of the schools and other places that demonstrate educate with the water shed and where the water comes from an opportunity to talking about and mclaren if this commission with this change of what the future can hold for that site i know there is a lot of community interest - if we could get an update of what that looks like with this change that will that would be helpful. >> we'll be happy to do that and act this is an important and good time to have that discussion we'll be happy to do that whatever makes the most sense. >> thank you, madam chair when i come back i've heard great things but i want to make sure we do is shed light on staff of what are the was this the what
8:32 am
this rates and the opportunities for advancement covered by the collective bargaining a pension and health care when you start to talk about sutro to permanent relationships the public works we know we do that and the public and private sector when those nchts begin to want that permanent relationship with the land we need to make it clear we 7, 8, 9 to talk about what the benefit is to the employees that they have a certain standard of living and the whole bit i lord to having that conversation and seeing data about the employees. >> i think that part of the process what this will happen and make sure that happens sage is a profit organization and the other one is different but i
8:33 am
think hail they'll be happy to provide that and will that be a profit operator after sage is done. >> we're talking about the pg&e to run the i park didn't mean there is not room for anything else to help. >> understanding the pros and cons to that approach do you know to the point of will there is a benefit to work with the existing policies we're trying to advance on urban add or the community interests down there i mean sonoma and make sense to identify a nonprofits or whether the state maybe make it simpler but something we modesty losses. >> i'll be happy to to make sure that part comes to light and let the agency phone call for themselves they're a - they
8:34 am
report to the board of directors they do workforce in the water shed with the land management and help the sage repair the coordinator and the education corridor they look and feel like the poem we're trying to be and it is a good match i reason that is good discussion to have and they'll be happy to have it. >> okay. you want to add something. >> i want to pout the timing we have about 9 months so i think that you know with this situation go an opportunity so far us not only identify with what will work well but more alignment so i think that as great opportunity we'll have to move fast if there is you know
8:35 am
momentum and may be going in a different direction a process i'm concerned that you know sage we're working with them as part of transition and 9 months may not be enough if they go in a different directions we're looking at that but we'll come back with some updates. >> yeah. soon is fine you, you want to come back (laughter) i think that will be helpful i do think that is an opportunity we should look at it like that and it makes me think about the urban automatic work we've not heard in sometime a policy components that we need to review as part of this i don't know the answer to that but not sure what the overall objectives but maybe time a meeting that addresses those at the same time to give us an update. >> all of us my staff and
8:36 am
myself have been focused on getting through the process to get the process to construction the actual buildings overwhelminged us for a couple of years we're all starting to come back to the programming and the people part of it again from my prospective interesting discussion and better one to have then the architecture but this is more real to me i think the times is good and look forward to doing that what makes sense for the commission. >> soushldz we approve the lease for the next 9 months a motion to approve. >> so moved and second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> yes oh, sorry public comment eric. >> that's already eric brooks san francisco green party sustainability chair that is great to see you're
8:37 am
getting ready to say yes to continue this i think that is important to bring in part of this conversation this also goes beyond just sustainable land use and water use i'm sure the project is headed in this direction on the climate crisis there are new techniques emerging not new but use the sustainable agriculture techniques to get roots structures to grow underground and build up carbon and soil so rapidly that 10, 20 e.r. thirty or 40 or 50 years down the road the key to avoiding the disaster climatic situations the record that was releases e released carbon farming is crucial and
8:38 am
i'll urge the commission and urge the program to really focus on that there is a thing called the marin carbon project they can look at it and stuff growing in australia it is groundbreaking there is a particular permit automatic farmer named d o h ar t y leading the way on the processes and a lot of it has to do with with growing particular graze that has a system it give us caps quickly carbon rich under the atmosphere some i will one little caveat a lot of these programs that are coming out on the landlords are using livestock grown for to accomplish the cutting processed where you cut the grass and leave the roots in the ground
8:39 am
that created e creates age unnecessary release of carbon and the atmosphere not needed better to let wildlife the areas and/or there are techniques where you can break off or cut the plants without harvesting them and they bottom composite and you're getting more carbon so this is my long spill it will be really good from the commission can not only encourage this project to serve water sustainability and clean water sustainability but also the climate impacts this could have a profound effect if they drifd into the techniques like the farming is one of them if you could encourage them to do that that would be great. >> i'm familiar with the
8:40 am
carbontion with the sestriation and i believe that we have to see your piloting a project it would be great to hear about the status of that project. >> there's a lot of components i think the marin carbon project and a small part we've been part of that has a grant with the r cd they're doing the county wide to the public and private landowner we're teed up to be part that have that in some way shall happen or form working with my group. >> that's exciting work thank you eric for reminding us any other comments on 8 d from the public hearing none.
8:41 am
>> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> are you in favor. >> opposed? that motion carries. >> our next item please madam secretary. >> item 9 approval amendment number 6 to increasing the agreement duration by 6 months and i do want to note a change to the resolution the resolve clause at the last sentence we're removing the words suggest to the board of supervisors approval pursuant to charter section and copies have been provided to the commission and public with that change. >> so commissioners you have an amended resolution before you and ms. howe before you as well. >> good afternoon commissioner general manager we're asking to extend this contract with the irs for this we don't have to
8:42 am
change the contract to say a e coming but extend to have the design consultant work with us on the two outstanding claims we have with the contractor. >> so is there a motion to approve so moved. >> second public health. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> that motion carries next item please. >> item 10 is a workshop presentation and discussion and possible action to endorse the sewer system improvement updated goals and level of service and stage one strategies for the phase one projects and the overall total $6.9 billion. >> so this item is you know to give background the commission had endorsed the $6.9 billion
8:43 am
program and authorized staff to proceed with phase one of the program is what staff has done and i'll have our program director go into more detail staff has been working hard to develop more detail and establish more solid baseline schedule with that, i'll let karen give her presentation. >> good afternoon, commissioners commissioner president vietor katrero park with the improvement program and today, we'll be discussing baselineing the resources program and similar to this we'll be returning on a 2 year frequency to talk about the scope and
8:44 am
schedule and budget today's presentation is phase one if i could bring up the slides. >> so the action that are part of this approval the actions day we're requesting are enforcement and the enforcements of the overall ssi p and the enforcement of baseline scope and schedules of the phase one project. >> somehow it the been 3 and a half years since we wanted or went through the validation and all the working groups under the leadership of harlan kelly and kathy our general manager and the executive team are pushed this forward our work to date has a better definition of the
8:45 am
costs and of the schedules and that's really the crux of our bangs part of august 2012 we enforce our levels of service for the $6.9 billion and part of action we're asking for modifications to the climatic change because the original level service actually has been revised bans the national and statewide standard this is a revision adopt by the city that is the work with ssi p has been adopted by the city and county of san francisco the only other change that could potentially come up as part of the level of service when we get back to you in may the flooding analysis i think a question came up earlier because we do have so
8:46 am
many commissioner kwon so many micro compliments in to town not an easy question but 21 ranges and 20 of the 21 were below the the level the lake merced was above i know that stephanie will be reporting on these things at that time, we'll have a discussion whether we want to change the level of stiffer service for managing stormwater and minimizing phleboids i'm lucky assistant by dan our preconstruction technical advisors a member of the project management team and has been here since the validation process and the current time we've talk about with you the process what is changed from 2012 and our updated cost schedule and i'm going to ask dan to a couple i has a heavy lifting the
8:47 am
presentation dan, if you will. >> thanks karen and good afternoon, commissioners as karen mentioned we have under taken a refinement process to make sure the ssi p has the right projects and remains flexible to deal with the changes since 2012 throughout the process we're through taken worked with finance to insure the results of the efforts will remain consistent with the plan last month i'll show you the results by you walk you through to the changes that you endorsed in 2012 we'll look at the project for the fattens of the city example p and identify the changes and walk you through how
8:48 am
the schedule is modified as well we'll go the process we're recommending you forward and finally we'll identify some additional projects for your consideration and show you how they'll fit into the program this process started with the review of the phase one projects and it was done through a series of working group we assigned a priority to it priority one with projects that need to remain in the phase one effort those projects are the lakes of the head works project and reliability and redundancy projects that are key to maintaining the 3 facilities. >> a priority 2 project one
8:49 am
that we might eliminate or defer to phase two with an acceptable level of risk an example of the project will be we started the effort we needed to maintain the existing digest of the facilities while the others ones were rebuilt we've been investing money but realized that the operation of those facilities are now such that plants staff and operation and maintenance feel confident they'll maintain those facilities without additional investment we're eliminating the replacement digestion of a tin roof will do repair and will be satisfied that that is acceptable risk and save money at area of deferral is on the west side of the city the west side pump station redundant and we'll recommend deferring more
8:50 am
so in an effort it is a younger force main and some means we can provide with staff in terms of an issue but also a more alignment with the work on the grace ocean master plan to deter that priority 3 projects we can eliminate an example will be we had scope reduction the offshore and shaerpz pimp station we'll invest money as we work to the condition assessment we can accomplish those activities through the r and r and not a capital project we looked at deferring the projects in a category that will be in some instances we had planning and design and construction dollars in twaes we offend to move the planning to
8:51 am
reside in twin peaks with the construction money so you'll authorize that in pump one action we looked refining the promotions two examples following the validation in 2012 - this enables us to look at scientifically how the shoreline when it rains how it december pates we found on the ocean the tush licensed less than is so dramatic and strong the impact of the discharges are gone within a day when the facilities were built it was thought the impact for the last 3 days we're seeing a decrease in the impact and therefore we feel we have protection of beneficial uses
8:52 am
before i not moving forward with the expansion of the capacity of the west side pump stacey station for pump more flow of the ocean the second part the central bay side we presented in 2012, we had a place holds diameter and a smaller diameter of green that move forward and we found is that we don't need a thirty needed diameter tunnel and can meet the retirements the runtcy at discharges and the potential for a lower discharge requirements for a smaller tunnel and the massages are going on we see a significant savings and finally following the prioritization we found we looked at the schedules i'll go
8:53 am
over shortly i'll do now walk you through. >> sorry on the tunnel sizings i remember the conversations we've had did you also look at the smaller sizes as well the 16 and 17. >> commissioner we looked at - we looked at what will be the smallest from channel to down to the plant as an open cut so the smaller size we needed a 7 or 8 foot that can't be built in that area so the smaller size a 12 footed detriment from 12, 17, 23, 24, and others if pits thorough and interesting uh-huh. >> that is with green and we're looking green as well yes, ma'am. >> what's was it complimentary. >> yes. >> we're going to come back to that project the main thing
8:54 am
we're going through the initial analysis that we're going from a thirty feet to a 17 i wanted to keep in mind that you know you don't want to choke it down so much you have additional rain to store more water to choke off the system. >> right. >> okay. if we can go back to the slides. >> maybe we'll keep on talking. >> when we came to you in 2012 we presented 3 fattens phase one the priority projects we felt were net to accomplish and as you can see some of the projects from planning and some just to planning and design i made that reference before as you can see $2.7 billion 2.2 related to the treatment plant
8:55 am
improvements and the priorities of solid and head works and compliance in looking at the update in 2016 we're maintaining approximately the 2. $7 billion prototype 0 traffic stop and the priorities are the same so projects have gown up and some projects down the increased area of head works we're working tarts the 25 design but we're seeing a change in dental. >> philosophy more in line with the cross the assess at orange county facilities that planning wants incorporated into the project we had the benefit of two years of piloting with the status quo with the factor into the design and more control facilities and made improvements to the bruce pump station to
8:56 am
make it an all weather station and we've had the impacts of construction and packaging sequencing and escalation we see a reduction in the scope of the north point project the deferral of the west side course main to you mentioned to the beach and this is where we move the projects if phase one planning and design to max them with the construction in phase two >> when we presented twaes in 2012, we jumped up to $3.3 billion worth of investment but one billion dollars was treatment plant and $2 billion in collections you start to see switching the plants focusing on updating e upgrading the function system in the update this year we see a
8:57 am
significant reductions in phase two in part because of the projects that i described where the central bay does it is a significant savings and the removal of the west side pump station is significant as well one area we increased the sewer improvements we did the validation we anticipated the large sewage to be the assessment activities through the experience we've gained the last couple of years we've allocated dollars to make the improvements as we moved e though the system the one and thirty millions you see phase three again, it is about $900 million slit between the plants and the collection system and as we worked through the analysis this year we are not making recommended changes to
8:58 am
the phase three projects so 2012 just in $6 billion authorized in the phase one activities when we really that up and compare to the results of the update we've completed which you'll see is we've raised the same in phase one but a significant drop over $400 million in the program this is a program that meets the requirements of level of service that karen talked about and in satisfies providing a reliable redundant system what i want to do now is walk you through the schedule change we're looking at back in 2012, we presented to
8:59 am
you a 20-year program under $7 billion us to present that in phases we did that in august of 2012. >> can i stop you for a minute looks like we're moving from schedule to bunt; right? >> yeah. it is out of you know sequence. >> no, my sequencing is okay. but we'll be luke schedule. >> looking at schedule and return to the budget summary in the additional projects. >> i want to make sure we're still tracking here. >> i mean what i'm gleaning we're seeing pretty good saving potentially right our baseline budget but i'd like to i'm sort of seeing none, e seeing it is broken down one big particular item it is really driving those
9:00 am
things. >> maybe i should suggest that you jump to the budget part and then come back to the schedule. >> it is out of sync. >> sure. sure. >> to answer our questions commissioner the main savings is the reduction of the tunnel size which is close to $300 million and the west side pimp station is 200 and $50 million that is where the bulk of those savings are. >> thank you. >> okay. so when we look at the presents baseline budget what you see is again commissioner as you piloted the
9:01 am
$400 million the savings the total program and the phase one stacy as 2.7 phase two we see a lot of the reductions into the 2.9 and the overall 6.5 i've mentioned before this is reflective of meeting the los and we brought this up two or three years ago. >> and the new revised climatic change los that seems relevant. >> actually that decreased the amount that we're looking at originally the 21 hundred nibs number westbound 66 inches of sea level rise now 36 inches with all the facilities we've
9:02 am
done the map but with surging and protecting the 21 hundred conditions and being proactively with those requirements that the city planning has. >> does that didn't increase the costs. >> a lot of it is making sure were at a proper elevation to the designers can build and others existing assets we know the sea level rise we are identifying the adoption we need to incorporate as we moved in time at flagging those they can be properly schedule into the capital improvement plans. >> thank you. >> one of the things we did i want to regroup the projects okay one of the things i've mentioned because we did the shifting of a project and looking at things we wanted to restructure how we
9:03 am
report to you you'll see a different form and we had two areas one is treatment and one in collections and the treatment area we want to look at the bio project and the southeast improvements we came to you in 2012 under the bio cells we grouped a number of projects we had bio cells he a number of projects that fits the digesters providing a redundant and electrical feed to the plants with new control systems and operation purposes what we decided to do is focus on bio cells by itself we're reporting the largest project to you and one of the easier as land reuse an effort we're looking at to stage the construction and do the parking the first thing we did if we speculated the land use as it - we took the rest of
9:04 am
project southeast and separated them from bio solid on the other hand, and we've made them part of southeast bio the heads project is significant we've pulled that out as a separate category to you when we really thirty this together what you'll see is bio solids and they're recorded individually the southeast improvements the oceanside improvements and north point and the collection system when we looked at the collection system one category that we wanted to provide cleaner definition so that we're splitting into 3 entering sectors how those are progressing and combine the structures in the storage boxes oversee are recorded separately
9:05 am
and this is what the program will look like going forward. >> now at that point again, i want to emphasize that is really important to know we've gotten here and $400 million under the program we've presented in envelope and that is good news by the way, unfortunately, there have been things come to light in the last 2 and a half years we wanted to identify some additional project - >> before you go there can you go back to the schedule. >> you need a younger person
9:06 am
to drive? >> so when we presented phase one to you back in 2012, we did not split those by year remembered we were asked to set priority you see the jagged lines and phase one extended from 2012 to 2023 for the bio solids and the projects needs for compliance when we looked phase one today what we see a slight increase
9:07 am
going out to 2024 and, uh, love of construction in a short period of time we're looking at the phase one extension of an additional year from what we had in 2012 when we look like phase two back in 2012 it ran from about 2018 to 2030 we we look at in 2016 the addition of the west side pump station coming in the lane and we maintained the 2018 to 2030 timeframe and see at the bottom the deletion of the west side of pump station expansion phase three was really 2025 to
9:08 am
three 2 no changes to the prong in the 2016 update so it is presented as shown here and the new concealed we're working with the basking is shown here with phase one at 2 just under 2.7 and the entire program at a 2.5. >> so. >> i wanted to point out the major takeaway is that when we came to you in 2012, we had a $6.933 billion program which is over 20 years and the first stage you endorsed and approved moving forward $2.7 billion and so we worked with the team
9:09 am
to look at with dan has mentioned and so right now the phase one given the same promotions that we identified is at the 2.69 so about 2.7 but it is a little bit of savings overall the program is $6.5 billion. >> now the phase one you have a delay in the digesters about a year but that is incorporated in the budget so i want to take a pause and is that i said to recognize that for regrouping and that we're becoming a little bit more diligent to like on the water system how we report and keeping the same consistent approach if a change happened we'll come to the commission with regular updates to opine on any changes moving forward and
9:10 am
the last thing i'll say we're still in phase one so like for example, the tunnel construction is still in phase two we'll come to you after we do all the analysis and talk about green and how all that plays out when we come to get approval moved on any of phase two projects although we put a number and schedule didn't mean that phase two will happen we have to come in to you with specific information you may choose to moves forward with a posh or all the project but also affordability you'll see the rates when we include all the projects i want to make sure we highlight on that and phase two 2018 that's right
9:11 am
so 2018 the conversations happen more realistically and phase two - harlan kelly mentions we'll anticipate a bunch of workshops and strategies for 30 years those. >> those start in 2018. >> before that before that. >> before i think that given all the other things that are coming we're show you before there is something we have to look at affordability we don't want to have sticker shock because we're not under a federal mandate we're doing it because we feel this is right thing to do and want to be mindful there are a lot of competing projects and so that's why the level of service is really important so as we move
9:12 am
forward and talk about some other potential projects about increasing the levels of service that will be more money for those items and so dan can talk about the 3 areas that is really beyond what we identified in 2012 and what we're through the analysis and working with different communities areas that they're concerned about we want to present what the status of those are so you can go forward. >> so this is where harlan kelly described we ended up at the 2016 the baseline i mention there are additional projects that we want to present to you one was the main this was a project part of interim c pi
9:13 am
with construction underground obstructions problems and delays you authorized the s example i p it is going through the close out now the redundancy along the embarcadero for the flows that comerom the financial district in that area down towards the plant we also have entering departmental requests from other city agencies be is sfmta or muni or public works to work with them on projects their moving forward and to take advantage of the opportunity to investigate whether our assets need to be updated at the time most of projects involve taking our sewers out of center of the streets and put them on the side of the streets to avoid conflicts and they're dealing
9:14 am
with assets over one hundred years assets we'll be dealing with this is a good time and opportunity to partner with other agencies and finally you're aware of the several flooding issues came up awe railways from the storms of december 2014 so fortunately, we have been able to work proactively the areas and we're recommending that some additional projects be considered obviously the north shore force main was $30,000 and several emergency room projects that totaled almost one hundred million dollars the bus rapid transit on van ness and geary and the central subway and the terryville the flowed resiliency was discussed last month with the resilience planning and development i believe that will
9:15 am
be presented again the summer in terms of recommendations but we're looking at specific projects that will be initialed and modified if necessary depending upon the relies of that planning activities so all told these project total just over $200 million and we are recommending that they be made part of phase one so that work will continue and that will bring the phase one total to 2 that $.9 billion this work will continue in phase two with additional entering departmental projects with the alliance in the flood resiliency we'll don't think the resiliencecy work will identify the final multitude with the level of service you choose at
9:16 am
that time the $200 million is the lower ends and the study will identify a much higher number that brings the phase two to $3.1 billion. >> so what we see here again is the ssi p as 6.5 those 3 projects adding over $400 million and still coming in under the $7 billion original target that was put forth 4 years ago if we look at how those flow the force main project will become part of the punctuation station and enforcement categorical and the flood resiliencycy we wanted to track those as separate categories added to the collective system category and the revised totals of program is
9:17 am
shown here at the 6.976 up from the 6.33 started in 2012 so - this gives a snapshot summary of the envelope verse of 2016 with those additional projects incorporated and the prioritization effort has enabled us to affirm the levels of service that the program is based on it is enables us to maintain the integrity of the ssi p with the finance to make sure that all of the projects that we've put forth are consistent with the 10 year cpi and provided to respond to changes via reassessing little project risks via assessing whether a project is needed or
9:18 am
not or deal with entering departmental projects not part of original effort we feel that having completed this experience we can move forward confidentially is where we video a solid set of projects to best serve puc and the registries in closing the last slides is the request that karen identified at the beginning of her presentation and the last believability emphasis what harlan kelly pointed out phase two didn't start until 2018 in july but all of the numbers that were presented have been worked with finance and the 10 year cpi and we'll certainly be back before requesting action an phase two. >> great, thank you. >> go ahead. >> well, i think one of the things we point out is the flood
9:19 am
resilient work we're planning to roll out we're inform you on the total system functionality areas where we meet the levels of service areas we don't if we increase the level of service what will be 9 cost so weasel give a memo of choices that will add to this number or you know certain things you know once we identify the project it takes time to decide what the actually project you're trying to accomplish but ranks of projects and costs associated with those projects. >> great i have a question on the selection of all the additional projects are those - i mean part of it is because of need like the flooding but part of it i hope because this is when other city agencies are embarking on
9:20 am
their work with the cpi or efficiency of scale. >> the big challenge we're facing we kwh we look at the system and identify over priority ones we need to address there is older ones we've identified the state that really need immediate attention and then all of a sudden all the city departments saying can you tag along with the project and be a great opportunities we have our number ones we can't fund to face all the ones we feel the worst condition and using that money to do something that lasts anothers 20 or thirty years that's the dilemma we're in so recognizing that we're still going to do the number one we're asking for more money for the projects we don't dr. to move the ones in need of attention by
9:21 am
the way, we had a situation like on lake street we did a segment and used because we feel that was the other leg and we used that money to do joint projects one segment we left off it broke and we had a major sink the streets we're trying to plan a little bit better and create with the departments a little bit better as well. >> thank you commissioner president vietor you're correct in the case of terryville the tracks are over one hundred years old and same at the n judah line the tracks are removed and repaired the life the tracks is 70 years and the of economist of scale getting probation officer 20 into market
9:22 am
street those are tough streets to get into in construction such major arteries we like to team up with the other departments and work with them especially a sewer is in bad shape. >> uh-huh. >> so that's how this was demonstrated a combination of need and what's happening with other. >> correct we do tv stores and get the assessment we clean them and tv them and they go on the priority list. >> the other thing we have 15 millions of sewer replacement as part of r and r thousands above that we're asking the million dollars identifying major corridors that money will go towards as on the r and r program we're working with the pagan the dpw we assess the areas that are pasted with the pe sewer and determine if it
9:23 am
needs to be replaced and work done on it at the same time the paefg is done. >> before we more often i have several public comment cards i think we should open up to public comment before we move on the item if no objection (calling names). >> gone. >> linda sanders. >> good afternoon, commissioners. >> can you hear me. >> yes. ? >> yes. welcome good
9:24 am
afternoon. >> i'm linda here to read a letter of support from pastor bryan was not able to make it today so greater missionary baptist church that located 3 blocks from the southeast sewage treatment a plant we've been actively participating in meetings regarding the efforts to improve that plant especially addressing the issues of order control this particular plant treats nearly 80 percent of city's sewage that is impertinent that the plan upgrades continue english perishing as the pastor of that - we are excited and hopeful of plans that mr. kelly
9:25 am
and the commission has to transformer that plant into a status quo facility given the history of the bayview community has had with informing we are certain immediate approval it necessary we urge budget and keep the needs of the community at the forefront of our decision making and that's submit by dr. bryant i have a copy for your record. >> thank you for coming and speaking today >> next speaker. >> is rodney. >> good afternoon he will i'm rodney once i'm the president and co-sponsored of a nonprofit we help our people located the heart of hunters point i'm also a member of the hunters point residents host committee and
9:26 am
other committees throughout the hunters point community i'm here to most importantly to support the approval the rebaseline of this budget abdomen of history about myself my grandmothers both in the last 50s my mother bob bobby emigrated from texas and my father's mother emigrated from lake charles louisiana ac west point my mom is 6 of gvenz and my father was murdered in west bayview and my children 6 and many other families in hunters point inhaled the smell i didn't type treatment system again which is produced from 80
9:27 am
percent of san francisco population which i heard not fair at all no other communities in san francisco hastening did you read that kind of situation your family and kids you'll have a deft presentation on the things go on in our community in addition i'd like to share according to the experts california has more than 99 percent of chance chance of having a large earthquake within thirty years for northern california the likely sour source of such earthquake 33 percent change we've forgotten in 1989 people had partner and walkman's not smart phones we must not forget but act now there is a significant study within the community working with bayview hunters point residents and myself have been
9:28 am
supportive of making the improvement to the southeast plant i urge you again on behalf of all the community residents definitely residents off hunters point approve this so our children what bracket clean healthy air not the bio treatment and you can use the acronyms for that thank you. >> thank you. >> next kari please. >> hi, i'm kari i work with a program director the urban academy one of the largest educational organizations systems in the district 10 we have the honor of working with the sfpuc and attended many meetings in regards to the issues of the - we urge to you
9:29 am
approve the baseline project for the past decade the community has the blood gone the massive changes the sfpuc has been maintained over the past 3 or 4 years it is fantastic that the san francisco public works has started to repair the south treatment plant the process had not been expensive and not delayed again the residents out of bayview that lives there would like this to be resolved as soon as possible please continue to do the safe work and do this as quickly as possible thank you. >> thank you. >> next is ms. eloise i'm a
9:30 am
residence of hunters point i want to bring up the points that are representing for the other people they have to work in 2009 the mayor's office published a report that the task force for african-american other migration this documents the disproportion african-american in san francisco now, when you cut to the chase there are two key reasons that contribute affordable housing and jobs the under employment rate for african-american is about twice that of non-african-americans now two of the recommendations from those reports was to create robust education and workforce strategy that prepares the
9:31 am
african-americans residents for jobs and growing and emerging industries like green collar jobs and health care and other industries and strengthening the training programs that rove the barriers to unemployment to prepare young african-american men for employment within the community and promote the business developments opportunity for african-american p&z this is why the ssi p is so important it can help so far the ssi p has hired the community residents but in other words, to have a municipal impact this commission needs to continue its efforts to move the program forward the project associated and community benefit as well as on the projects the community can go a long way to help to address the issues we're facing now the prospective that people of color don't care about the
9:32 am
investment has exist for a long time and has been debunked for just as long there's been go dozens of articles and equities across the board are emerged the bayer environmental health club to protect the community and environmental justice means all people regardless of race or incomes will have the right to clean and hktd environments and save quality of life the ss puc is the first utility in the nogs in addition to adapt an environmental justice policy and improving the southeast is an issue we can't afford further delay i live there my children live there my dwran son lives there please take action that is much needed the
9:33 am
status quo was built in 1951 r 2 i'd like to see that happy before the end of my lifetime thank you. >> thank you. >> jackie . >> good afternoon, commissioners general manager mr. kelly my name is jackie i'm the executive director of the institute of san francisco and as a think outside the box service provider to hundreds of names if the southeast i understand the importance of delivering a reliable and save watering service just as important to provide the clean water it is just as important to provide a reliable and safe sewer system it transport our
9:34 am
rainwater one of the critical issues we face as californian our drought and by improving our sewer system we're exploring more innovation ways to conserve water but deserve a sustainable facilities many of the community members stated that important and we deserve a facility that use the best technology to minimize the odor it is about due times a thirty years old commitment we have the time to - we need this not only to small businesses but really career pathways and over families deserve it they really do and i encourage you guys today to not delay any further and adopt the newly s example i p program budget thank you. >> thank you. >> silva johnson.
9:35 am
>> i don't have a doctor church well. >> other public comment mr. brooks. >> here mr. church well. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is dr. caesar church well with the chamber of commerce vice president the chamber is over three hundred small businesses that we're excited request your support and approval of the basis and budget for the southeast sewage improvement project maybe some of you haven't been out there to smell the stench the summertime but if you do i
9:36 am
hope you'll whether those take into consideration that we do need to improve that smell now our members also, if this project glosses to create jobs for the construction people and other people that are related businesses so i ask you to take into consideration and approve the reare we baseline of this project thank you. >> mr. brooks. >> eric brooks san francisco green party our city of san francisco first back up what some of the representatives have said that isism peripheral we stay on track with the wastewater
9:37 am
facility improvements we recently lost a champion on that issue dr. espanola jackson who spent decades of her life making sure we got to this point or we'll start doing the rebuild of the sicken treatment plants it is crucial we don't drop the ball and make sure and honor the decades of work that dr. jackson undertook to get this to happen we shouldn't fall back on that the other comment i want to make is about sea level rise as raised in the presentation about a decade now i've been going to planning commission myers and other hearings for other agencies trying to get through their heads the issue of sea level rise and the actual projections they should be taken into consideration emancipation proclamation pay attention to much higher than the entering governmental panel open climatic change are projecting that is
9:38 am
somewhere between 46 issues bcdc planning department, the developers like lennar corporation the bayview and treasure island ever times that i and others go forward and say look the worst case scenario is like two meters and doctor james happening son of nasa that put out a report about that the report about the - by the end of the century 5 meters of sea level rise potentially by the middle of this century every time - i committed own environmental impact reports and done hearing after hearing the planning department and the developers and the agency and the board of supervisors refused to listen to this analysis they just keep on going by the example pc numbers convert and infer the reason
9:39 am
their refusing to listen if at the accident that will completely change the economic dynamics of their condo projects they want to build on the coast and bay especially treasure island and bayview hunters point in light of that it is crucial that the san francisco public utilities commission staff be ahead of the curve and put that the two merchants of sea level rise when they do the work and design much more than that potentially 5 meters or more to make sure their covering the bases on sea level rise otherwise we'll have an viral mess decades down the line thanks. >> thank you you want to submit. >> and communities members i'd like to submit to the public record. >> thank you very much. >> any other public comments
9:40 am
on this item. >> commissioners david for solutions not sandbags on page 31 of the presentation flood resiliency projects are listed i'd like to say it is nice to see we're starting to think about the floods the flood 0 problems were initially dropped from the s example i p 2004 the first major flowed of sewage that is the one on memory i'd like to point out the $8 million allocated for it the flood resiliency projects i'd like to say i think that will be inaccurate the presentations of the workshops said this will not guarantee that there not be flooding in homes only less flooding i also note that $23 million has
9:41 am
been looltsdz for the 15 san francisco entertainment commission project i'll suggest the value of the homes if in that neighbor there are fewer homes than an other avenue add to the idea we can address that issue and solve that and that kind of thinking needs to be applied to ccii you go the additional letters from the terrace residents points out how serious the problem is there - the word will be inadequate thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> yeah. i want to quickly respond again, we will probably better address this when we talk about
9:42 am
the flood resilent report that is a place holder you many we've identified. >> thank you. >> okay commissioners. >> i have one madam chair. >> i want to talk about the comments of the southeast i've been there a couple of times in chicago next to a water treatment area watermelon and some the summer the fumes go the wrong way especially, if you grew up the environment and come back. >> so would anyone like to make a motion on that item to move forward. >> sym. >> second. >> if not future comment. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? thank you that motion carries to approve the
9:43 am
amended budget and schedule thank you thank you for all your hard work on this. >> next speaker, please. >> madam secretary. >> discussion and possible action to authorize the issuance in one or more up to $621 million of wastewater revenue bonds the proposition e and authorize the general manager to accept essential the bonds on a competitive base for the issuance of bonds to the highest bidder and submit to the board of supervisors authorizing the issuance of bonds. >> commissioners i'm eric sandler the business person and the chief financial officer such heard low about were what we're building and now i'll talk about how we finance it.
9:44 am
>> the the item before you represents to the issuance of $621 million not to exceed debt i'll talk about the transaction and the funds the commission resolution and the what you're authorized by considering this resolution i'll talk about the form of the transaction and share with you our schedule. >> sow we are talking the transaction not to exceed $625 million the bonds will be sold as tax examine for and a portion of the bonds designated green bonds the use of precedes will be to
9:45 am
fund the outstanding commercial paper for the construction to now as well as providing $44,300,000,000 in new construction000 in new constr $0 in new construction. >> and then the uses are the project deposits the combination of the funding the 1 and $35 million in commercial paper and send to the city treasurer and fund the contracts against those the $40 million will be put in a capital interest fund to pay the interest for two years of construction and then we have the amounts for the issuance and underwriters. >> as the commission
9:46 am
resolution before you is under prop e and the funding for that that you're approving the related fund document that's why this package is thicker and authorized as is general manager in contusion with the city attorney for the final versions of those documents. >> you're also authorizing accident general manager to sell the bond excessively to authorize to the lowest bidder and to direct the general manager to submit a resolution recessing to the board of supervisors authorizing the bond. >> wait one second because we lost our quorum. >> this is an action item. >> right he's here. >> okay
9:47 am
i can move quickly. >> so here are the form of documents you're approving in this action the preliminary official statute of limitations is so forth all the information with the disclosure document and all the investors and under writings e writers need to understand what they're pretty much that is the most important documents for the disclosure for the commissioners about a moorg the second item the supplemental and so forth the terms and conditions for that bond issue and some other notice of intention to and bonds purchase contract and the disclosure certifies and the continuing disclosures for the commissions commitment for the updated going on information
9:48 am
when the o reck was here with the city attorney they so forth a number of questions to consider when approving that especially the preliminary official statement we provided in a staff report questions and answers so the purpose of issuance i mean, i won't run to those in details but consider those as commissioners and i set them for you to consider. >> i think i might highlight some of the items on page 2 so this issue represents boo about a doubling of the debt of waifrtdz $700 million in outstanding debt without a doubling one $.3 million and the
9:49 am
impact on watering when it capitalized waste period of two years is higher i'll point out that is factored into the financial plan you considered throughout our budget process to nothing new here the issuance according to the plan and the impact on the bond rating i'll say that from the commission sort of move forward and follows through with the rate increases there will be no negative impact and then finally the transaction schedule if you take action today, we'll be submitting to the board of supervisors legislation for passage on the 19 and the bond pricing on may 4th and the bonds closing on may 18th that's my presentation if any
9:50 am
questions i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> or disclosure questions? >> a lot of money. >> thank you for your good work on this commissioners any questions or comments? is there a motion to approve the bond issuance >> i'll make a a motion. >> i'll second any public comment on this item? >> hello, my name is silvia johnson. i was doing scientific studies and the research that - and this is already i do remember that in
9:51 am
2007 they call it dirt it is toxic dirt and it really is what you call some mosque and caused us to get sicken san francisco i think a lot it has worsens and in the c i report it is not to be put in san francisco and are dumped and this has been ignored the years that has gone by this is where our problems have been started and this is only done in 2007 that there is electrical car that was done that was a new discovery and a very small way that was put here
9:52 am
that it was revealed on the only reason they dump this toxic waste they call it dirt i asked them if at the curb not dump this in san francisco and i guess this report never did get through because that i was trying to reach the white house and made several movies outside of the white house nobody directed me i was supposed to do a walk through and nothing with that issue and it was taken to a prison state i don't think that was very fair by the san francisco has gotten bad because of this and when i
9:53 am
left there was a psychologist 3 years because i was - i know this bond should be more not put on to the person that had the person that done this electrical car i don't think you know this is should be in any kind of purpose to demolish the world in toxic wastes. >> thank you. any to the comments we have before us item number 12 no sorry item 11 on the bond measures there is a motion and a second no more public comment. >> all in favor, say i. >> i.
9:54 am
>> opposed? unanimously carries thank you eric next item, please. >> item 12 support the city and county of san francisco opposed and amended position for assembly bill one one one 0. >> barbara hale assistant general manager for power the item before you is a request you firmer the position that the city and county of san francisco took on assembly bill 1110 to oppose unless amend ab 1110 is a standard for green house gas emissions from electricity services disclosed to customers we that that approach is appropriate but oppose the method included in the passage it is not aligned
9:55 am
with the standard requirement we as an electrical provider ass the sfgh and the public works have to abide by and devalues the green house gas emissions of the hetch hetchy system so that's why we're asking the commission affirm the city and county of san francisco position of opposing and let's amend ab 10 we've worked with supervisor tang this year and last year and hoping the proposals we have will be met with support and with that, i ask for your support. >> how might that impact cleanpowersf. >> cleanpowersf relies on bundled renewal energy credits as to meet the renewal portfolio standards under assemblyman tilly chang the bundled will
9:56 am
count as well important green house gas free reporting but the legislation does, does not allow for the carry forward of attributes for year to year for example, solar is generating in the summer and not so much in the later on in the year and at night we can't take the credits that we have in excess and in a given year and role them over and apply them to subsequent percent when our solar is not producing under the legislation under current law rp s laws allow you to take renewal attributes from one year that exceed to comply in that year and apply them to subsequent years and retired and allowed to be active the system up to 3 years
9:57 am
so we would be unable under assembly member tilly chang proposed los angeles to retain the attributes of the solar we're purchasing and the winds we're purchasing for cleanpowersf. >> so another reason to oppose so you would. >> yes. >> i think the reason on the hydro with the drought. >> yeah. it can cost us $10 million to replace the value of hetch hetchy in a year when we are generating electricity and have super ingressive from the hetch hetchy we can apply to subsequent reporting periods if we have to replace that with bundled renewal power or other g h g free resources that the bill allows we'll have to extend $10 million a year. >> and that's just for the
9:58 am
publicity part of portfolio. >> great, thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioners questions or comments? motion to support to oppose >> i'll make a motion. >> second. >> public comments mr. brooks. >> yes, sir. good afternoon once again commissioners eric brooks san francisco clean energy advocates and representing the california for choice one of the categories that fought against prop 16 and successfully defeuded ab 214 in 2015 and figure out to postpone the ab 10 last year until this year it is good that the city is taking an opposed less position, however, it is a little bit narrow for us we need to san
9:59 am
francisco public works and the city of san francisco to take the lead to help protect community choice for all communities in 70 southern california by doing much stronger things the process the reality i'll be blunt about this assembly phil thanking as has worked with the ab 25 and the utility or more which it is supposed to be a watchdog of pg&e co-ludicrous with pg&e to attack clean power and they've done that with ab 1110 and doing it now with the net metering standards that the cpuc california public utilities commission we got them to institute good metering and now the loyalists are attacking this is what this legislation represents beyond having the
10:00 am
issues that were laid out we need you all to help to push for community choices programs for a certain number of years to adjust to the standards 5 years the small ones we feed to make sure that rooftop solar panes are included in the ab 1110 is written that won't be you'll right the green house gas emissions on this bill we are heard relevance from assembly member tong i'll not adopt those improvements and finally something that is important we've not spoken about before i sent an e-mail to this effect on those points this bill is supposed to be about properly accounting for green house gas emissions and after we've seen the porter rather than explosion the clear